Richmond Township
On July 3, 2007 Richmond Township adopted Ordinance No. 2007-1, An
Ordinance of the Township of Richmond, Tioga County, Pennsylvania,
imposing restrictions as to the weight of vehicles operated upon certain
township roads (all township roads); providing for the issuance of
permits and the posting of security for the movement of vehicles of a
weight in excess of restrictions; and prescribing penalties for violations.
Richmond Township email address is:
Changes to the Recyling
We are now accepting
plastics 1-7, they do not
have to be sorted but they
DO have to be clean.  At
this time, we are not
accepting cereal/macaroni
boxes etc.  We  only
accept corrugated

Meeting Schedule
The Supervisor's Regular Meeting
will be held on
Tuesday, May 4, 2021 at 7:00 PM at the Richmond
Township Building
We will also be holding a Hearing on Ordinance 01-2021
Chapter 22 Part 6 Section 602 at 6:45pm.

We are looking for an Auditor to replace one that is
retiring.  If you are interested, please know you have to be
a township resident or own a business in the township. The
audit is performed between the hours of 9-4 once a year.  
The position has an hrly pay of $10 hr. If you are interested
in filling this part time position, please let our office know!

As of right now, the Local Earned Income Tax filing
deadline has NOT been extended beyond the April 15, 2021
due date.  While the PA Department of Revenue and the
IRS announced that income tax filing deadlines for their
2020 final returns are extended to May 17, 2021, no such
change has been made for the Local Earned Income Tax
Filing deadline. Keystone will continue to monitor
announcements from the Governor’s Office, the State
Legislature and the Department of Community and
Economic Development regarding any potential change in
the filing deadline.   Absent notice from at least one of
these entities, the April 15th deadline cannot change as it
is set by statute.  Returns filed after this date will be
assessed statutory penalty, interest and costs regardless
of extensions by the PA Department of Revenue and the

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Please note:
The Planning Commission's next Regular meeting will be
held on
Wednesday, April 28, 2021 at 7:00 PM

The Recycling Center is open!  

Please stay healthy and safe in this unprecedented time!
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