About Richmond Township
               About Our Township                                 

Richmond Township was formed in 1824 after splitting from Covington
Township.  Many surrounding townships were originally a part of
Covington Township.  Historical information can be found in the County
Atlas of Tioga County Pennsylvania 1875 by John L. Sexton, Jr. and it is
worth a search on the web to find out more about our community.

2010 Census reports Richmond's population at 2396 people.

Richmond Township is made up of 50.8 square miles and totally  
surrounds the Borough of Mansfield.  Our road system includes about
60 miles of roads, most of them being dirt roads.

Three supervisors make up the Richmond Township Board.  They are:  
Chair Tricia Hall, Supervisor Steve Brewster and Supervisor Gary Fish.  

Meetings are held monthly:

Richmond Township Supervisors: meets the first Tuesday of each
month at 7:00 PM - (if the Tuesday falls on a holiday, the meeting will be
the following day).  January's Organizational Meeting is held the first
Monday of the year (unless this is the New Years Day Holiday- then the
meetings would be on the first Tuesday of the year).

Richmond Township Planning Commission: meets the last Wednesday
of each month at 7:00 PM, except no meeting in December.  
The board is comprised of nine members.

Richmond Township Office Hours:  
8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday through Thursday.