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563 Valley Road
Mansfield  PA  16933

8:00 - 4:00 Monday-Thursday

We are located near the East end
of Valley Road which runs
parallel to Route 6.  

Mary House
Forms are available in our office,
by mail, or left for you to pick up in
the pick-up box by our door. Or by

Phone: 570-662-3774 or
cell 570-772-5152
You can leave a
message 24-7.

Fax:  570-662-1284
2020 Richmond Township Supervisors:

Steve Brewster 51 Vernon Lane, Mansfield PA 16933 570-404-5259
Chair-Tricia Hall, 915 Bryant Road, Mansfield  PA  16933  570-662-7791
Gary Fish, 649 Mudge Road, Mansfield  PA  16933  570-724-7560
Zoning Officer

Please call
570-662-3774 & leave a
msg if not avail.